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Shots fired by Music Copyright Owners to Twitch Streamers & DJs

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

While pertaining to Twitch Gaming Streamers and DJs, musicians on Twitch Music should be warned that their videos and clips can be deleted if they contain copyrighted recordings. This does not include any performances where you are singing a cover song. This only includes a video or clip on your channel where you have been playing copyright material in the background or as a DJ. James Batchelor covers the update here and all Streamers should pay attention and follow this topic closely. More information can be found here. One way around this for Twitch Gaming Streamers is to use the new Twitch Soundtrack extension where playlists of approved music are being curated. This was announced in September, 2020. Twitch Music Streamers are recommended to proactively delete any Clips or Videos that contain prerecorded, copyrighted recordings.

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