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Do It Yourself (DIY) Streaming

Get set up to stream - from beginner to expert, we cover all your questions to get you online and find your audience fast

We want to take out the stress of knowing where to start. We are willing to guide you face-to-face or over chat if you need it.

Not sure if you want to stream yet? Enjoy our recommended streams before you take the plunge!

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If you're new to streaming, we have resources to start you off in the right direction. Scroll down for video walkthroughs, gear lists, & other ways to guide you through the process.

Some videos might seem like they're made for gamer livestreamers but there are good ideas in there for everyone. We promise!

If you're lost, we've got you covered

Hit us up on Discord if you have questions, need support, or just to chat

Streaming DIY: Text
Streaming DIY: Pro Gallery

One place for all the gear you need to get up & streaming
Save yourself time & money by using our research & experiments

We've sampled a bunch of gear & found things we like. These endorsements are our own opinions & are items we bought for our own streams or that are highly recommended from trusted sources. If you want to recommend something, let us know!

Disclosure: we might get compensated by the marketplace we link to since they appreciate us sending sales to their stores. We made a conscious decision to use marketplaces that pay their employees fairly and who have ethical practises & we avoid those who don't. 

Streaming DIY: Features
Image by ELLA DON

Open Broadcaster Software

Free software to start streaming quickly & easily on Windows, Mac or Linux

Logitech C9303

Logitech C9303

This is an inexpensive webcam with a great deal of flexibility and a 90-degree wide-angle which is useful to capture your performance. Now it has a built-in tripod mount which makes it extra useful.

Asus Rog Strix

Asus Rog Strix 

A game streaming laptop recommended for music live streaming. Appears on several top rated Live Streaming website reviews.


G512LW-WS74 I7-10750H


PreSonus Studio 24C

The 24c is a solid USB Interface and good value.

For a simple setup with one or two microphones or can also be used with your existing mixer. 

Shure SM-58 Microphone

Shure SM-58

The standard microphone for singing and announcing. Economical and great sounding.

If you only buy one microphone, this is the industry standard.

GoXLR Mini Audio USB Interface

GoXLR Mini 

If you don't already have an audio mixer with USB to connect to your streaming computer, you may want to consider the TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini.

Online Now 

Level up your audience experience

Now that you're online, here are some tips to keep your audiences engaged. Some videos seem more for game livestreams but they're quality resources for performers.

Streaming DIY: Text
Streaming DIY: Pro Gallery
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