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Keep your viewers engaged with these 5 questions

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Live Music Streaming is more than just playing your instrument or singing. Live Streaming can be creating an engaging community of viewers and friends. Here's how. As you build the habit of greeting viewers in the chat by name, here are 5 questions you can ask new viewers to engage them and keep your Chat moving. 1) What are a couple of odd facts about the city where you live? 2) Got any recommendations for recent science fiction series or movies?

3) Got any favorite musicians or albums? What are you listening to? 4) Your Twitch handle is intriguing. Any significance or just random? 5) What's your favorite beverage these days? Those are just a handful of examples to give you a starting point. Use those or create your own and have them on Post-It notes out of camera view to remind yourself when viewers enter the Chat.

People crave to be seen, be recognized and find a community. Live Music Streaming offers all that and more as the next best thing to being at a live music venue.


Although created for Gamers, this guide is a valuable resource for streamers of all kinds. And this list is a superb reference for any Live Music Streamer.

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