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Top 5 Live Music Streaming performance tips for musicians

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

You can start streaming live right away and here's 5 performance tips that work well. 1) You don't have to have a polished set of songs. You can start streaming as you practice and viewers may casually drop by. With Live Music Streaming being a 24/7 global resource, there is always somebody wanting to hang out because they feel alone & isolated and want to hear some music.

2) Be yourself. You might be shy and unsure about performing. Or you might be a natural performer. Either way, viewers will gravitate to the kind of streamer they feel comfortable watching. More than anything else, viewers want to make a connection with you, the person. They want to hang out and experience music and make new friends in the chat. 3) It's okay to make mistakes and not know a song perfectly. Viewers are behind you and don't notice small mistakes and will be super supportive during any stumbles. Viewers like being a part of your practicing. That's part of the charm and appeal of live music streaming. 4) Develop a consistent schedule. Often times, viewers will have a particular time they are free and want to come back and be part your livestream. Whether it's one evening a week or every few days, the more consistent your schedule is, the better. 5) Your Internet Connection is the one technical issue you should pay attention to. Even if there is nothing you can do about your internet provider or the signal in your neighborhood, you can turn off your other devices and apps.

Live Music Streaming is probably not what you think it is. Viewers want to slow down and hangout for an hour. They want to be part of your small community. Don't let technical limitations hold you back. You can start live music streaming with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Get up and start streaming today! Once you are streaming, contact us and we will drop by to view and follow. We can also give you some feedback on your audio and other pointers.

Live Music Streamer

Twitch for Musicians is an excellent resource you will also want to explore.

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