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Night out during the pandemic? Livestream Music is the better alternative

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Musicians on Stage

You want to see the show. You want to be part of the show. You want to head out to a bar and catch a band but simply can't. You want to have friends over and sing some songs but that's not gonna happen right now. No problem. Sit back and sip that beverage while immersing yourself in live music experiences all over again. Worry-free. Stress-free. So what exactly is Livestream Music really all about? It's all about the audience and having a good time and interacting with the performer. It's about interacting with the audience, too. It's about relaxing and enjoying yourself and always having the best seat in the house. It's all about discovering new music and new musicians you really like and can't wait to catch up with. It's about discovering new friends and chatting with them and having fun. So where to start? First, start by sitting down on the sofa. Grab your device and browser. Head over to Twitch Music and begin scrolling down through the music streaming artists. If this daunting selection of music streams seems overwhelming then check out our reviews and recommendations in the blog section. There is almost too much great content to sort through. But we are navigating the Livestreams and want you to join us. We find the kinds of musicians and bands you love. We recommend great music streamers to start with. Whether it's an cozy, intimate living room set with a singer or a rowdy pub atmosphere with a totally rocking band, there literally is something for everyone. There are song-request singalongs. There are rock bands ripping it up. There's metal. There's rap. There are DJs. There are singers writing songs in realtime and performing them one time only. There are samba drum cores practicing outside. There are inspiring cellists. There are soothing harpists. There's simply a world full of live music happing right now, right at your fingertips, right on your device. And Stream Pilots are your guide. So why Twitch Music? Stream Pilots covers all Livestream Music and there are many platforms where musicians perform. Twitch is the only platform that allows viewers to follow and receive updates, allows viewers to subscribe and directly support musicians they like. And any musician will tell you that interacting directly with the audience is something they've been missing since the start of the pandemic. Being able to be directly supported by the viewing audience is truly gratifying and intensely personal. It really means a lot to receive a donation in real time. That audience connection means so much to a musician or band. And as it turns out it means a lot to the audience as well. Livestream Music is what we've all been yearning for and missing.

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