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Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Don't Be Alone This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Livi in the Middle


Hang out online where music is playing LIVE and everyone is welcome. Musicians have taken their live act online and have created a safe, intimate & warm space where 'everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came.' Many will happily play your favorite requests and you can mingle with old and new friends in the live stream Chat. There are several options but the one I like best is Twitch Music and I check it out every single day. I get blown away by the range of music, the talent and the emotional connections I make with musicians and people in the Chat. It's fun and I feel much less alone when stuck at home. Whether you love blues or rock, classical or jazz or any other music genre, it's all available to you 24/7. Whenever you feel you want to hang out and connect with musicians and other members of the viewing audience. This holiday season, reach out to relatives and friends to watch live music online with them. Meet up on the same music channel. Chat just like you do when you get together. It's easy to get started on Twitch Music.

Emily McVicker
Emily McVicker

Here are some great places to hang out if you aren't sure where to start: Livi in the Middle Tues-Thurs, 10am-1pm Quarantine Cocktail Hour Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday 6-7:30pm The Tangerine Club Wed, Friday, Saturday 10am-2pm Lady Desiree Wed, Thurs, Friday 4am-10am Justine Griffin Thurs & Sun 3-6pm, Sat 10am-1pm Emily McVicker Friday 6-10pm PST Stream Pilots are always hosting a variety of streaming musicians you can start with and will answer questions at Twitter & Facebook or here. We have round the clock coverage of a range of talented performers.

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