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Live Music: Twitch 101 by Angels Piano

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Follow these steps to have the best experience watching live music online.

Angels Piano and her channel mods have made a valuable 'how-to' guide that is proving a must for anyone new to viewing Twitch Music.

TWITCH_101_-_by ANGELS_PIANO_Sept_2020
Download P • 375KB

Everything is well covered: from creating your Twitch Account (for free), to watching Twitch Music on Android or iOS devices, to subscribing and tipping with bits during the stream, or making donations directly. Additional basics for using Emotes and participating in channel Chat are also included. From there it's easy to dive right in and start having fun. If you are wanting to get the most out of connecting with live music on Twitch, this resource is a great place to start. Angels has been streaming for three years and video highlights provide examples of her channel. Following the channel gets you direct updates from her schedule when there are any changes.

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