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Xani Kolac's improvised album creation

Xani Kolac is xanowano on Twitch Music where she streams once a week for an hour of energized performance. As an emerging singer-songwriter, she creates new music using her violin and a bank of guitar pedals with a looper. It is magical to watch her create bass lines, drum beats and rock guitar power chords using her violin alone through the electronics. During her stream she improvises new ideas on the spot and invites viewers to vote on which song is the best that night. The top song from each stream will then be one she takes away to work on for inclusion on her next album. There are not many instances of being able to experience lightening-in-a-bottle moments as it happens but Xani's stream is definitely one such place. I am making it a weekly habit to stop by and witness the making of an album in real time.


Recent videos give an idea of her stream but you can tune-in on Wednesdays & Saturdays or check her Schedule and follow the channel for notifications.

Xani has music at Bandcamp and Spotify along with more extensive details available at her website.

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