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Come in, enjoy, smile and make new friends down at Welsh Pete's

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Welsh Pete is about as fine a livestream to begin your intimate & interactive Twitch Music experience with as you could possibly want.

Pete’s a “Professional Musician and Music Shop owner now on Twitch along with the rest of the world because of Covid-19.” Because of this everyone now has a chance to “nip round to the local” without leaving the shelter of home.

His channel setting is simple: a musician singing and playing piano. Close your eyes and you’re down at the local pub or sitting on the comfy sofa of your best mate’s flat. Close your eyes, you know the words. These songs are ones you know all the words to. Here are some past video captures of recent show but try joining his next live stream.

Welsh Pete’s voice sits in a similar range and timbre with Elton John and Billy Joel. From his Song List (also below) you can request a song to queue up for playing. From Abba to ZZ Top and everything in-between.

Interactivity with Pete’s chat is about as good as it gets. You quickly become new friends through the Chat and toast one another, share stories and generally carry on in the most natural, heart-warming way.

In his own words, “I play music, I sell musical instruments and I love to listen to and talk about music. It's kind of a big thing for me. It's all about having some fun and so come in, enjoy, smile and make new friends. I'm also super open to talking about your favourite stuff, anything you've made yourself and just generally chat about anything music-wise.”


Welsh Pete streams Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday but please check his channel schedule for updates and syncing to your time zone.

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