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Cozy Pre-War vibes from Rooftop Revival

Rooftop Revival Cycling to a Music Show

Rooftop Revival put a modern twist on wonderfully retro sounding 'Pre-War' songs built on Django Reinhardt-era Gypsy Jazz guitar rhythms. But there's much more going on when modern-era songs are covered in this style. Perfect for any time of year, their mood instantly conjures summer outside listening to music played on a back porch one yard over. The energy comes from lively, pulsing acoustic guitar played with a ferocity rivaling any 4-piece rock band. Trumpet, singing and acoustic guitar solos help take the performances to compass points somewhere between 1930 and 1940. Their livestream moves along briskly, supported by an equally engaging chat community. Make plenty of new friends or simply dance around your living room.


Follow the channel for schedule updates and catch their next livestream show.

Rooftop Revival Duo

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