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The always popping grooves of The Rebel Inc

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Rebel Inc brings the live party right into your home. As a DJ she rocks sets of intense grooves & breaks. As a keyboardist, she slams freestyle lock-solid riffs, comps and solos over top to spice everything right up. It's those skills together that make for a potent, energized live music stream.

Rebel takes requests and plays by ear, improvising and expanding on the song's harmonic interplay and rhythms. Her channel is perfect for viewers wanting to hangout in a pub-like livestream that bristles with positive vibes and fun. Half the fun happens in the boisterous Chat where conversation goes in several directions at once. New friends & old hangout, josh around and keep things lively and warm. Always room for one more so pull up your home bar stool, raise a glass and jump right on in.


Recent videos give a glimpse but best is to tune in live and follow to get updates from the channel schedule.

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