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Live music, requests & Quarantine Cocktail Hour are a great way to unwind

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Quarantine Cocktail Hour best showcases livestream music to new viewers, and highlights the path many gigging musicians have chosen as music venues shutter. Ken Gustafson is a veteran Yacht Rock pianist & singer able to conjure just the right song from his repertoire to warmly entertain you. Performing solo or with guest singers & musicians, the Quarantini show moves along briskly with levity and tempo changeups.

Lively banter also comes from viewer chat and you are welcome to join in or simply sit back with beverage in hand. Singing along comes naturally with surprising ease.

Previously recorded streaming videos showcase what to expect but best is to follow the channel and tune in for the next interactive live show.


Quarantine Cocktail Hour currently stream live on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, but please refer to the Schedule, follow, and get email notifications and updates.

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