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Puscifer Livestream at Arcosanti was solid but lacked presence

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Rock Band Puscifer
Puscifer, 2020. Credit: Travis Shinn

Puscifer’s remote and socially distanced Arcosanti concert was engaging, evocative and thoroughly entertaining but completely missing audience interaction usually achieved by Livestream Music now.

Livestream Music as an emerging artform is still in early days but this much is clear: immediate audience connections are everything.

What sets a livestream apart from merely watching a video is presence. Whether that takes shape as an intimate, low-viewer stream, or whether that’s a more lively 30+ viewer stream, it's the performer's presence that resonates with the live viewing audience.

It is also the presence of other viewers in the Chat that instantly makes you feel a part of the event and in the moment.

This creates the instant euphoria of sharing the unfolding music with both the musician and the viewers. The transitory moment happens only then and we crave that. This interaction is what keeps viewers engaged and keeps musicians growing.

All of which was completely missing from the Puscifer Livestream performance on October 30th.

Granted, high-draw, popular musicians can’t interact with viewers in chat. They are busy performing at full capacity and the online audience is large. But audiences can still participate and feel they are a part of something special by being a part of the Chat. The Chat allows viewers to feel the presence and weight of the crowd. You don't feel like you're alone.

Other reviews have captured the power & elegance of the innovative Puscifer Livestream. The show was excellent in many ways but felt static compared to how live music streams can be. Feeling that sense of a crowd is where streaming innovation shines best.

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