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Immersive Synthesizer Horror Stories by Musique Macabre

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Musique Macabre creates a world his viewers descend into that lets their imaginations run wild. He reads works of horror fiction over live original electronic music to conjure eerie moods. The soundscapes, made with modern synthesizers and solid music composition skills, provide the perfect backdrop to the calm narrative presence. Viewer interaction in the Chat is spirited and brisk. As the story progresses, the chat dies down and viewers become lost in their own thoughts, their own inner dreams and nightmares. As Musique Macabre continues to develop his unique livestream, he continues to gain new followers. Viewers know there is nothing else quite like this unique, evolving and immersive experience.


Recent Videos provide solid examples of what to expect when Music Macabre streams on Thursdays. Tune in live and follow to get updates from his schedule.

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