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Multi-instrumentalist Mark Growden entertains & educates

Mark Growden is a thoroughly entertaining multi-instrumentalist and music educator, happy to share knowledge on instruments you've never heard. The night I dropped into his channel, he was taking viewers on an immersive tour of Melodic Jaw Harps from around the world. I honestly had no idea the depth & breadth of these instruments. Some of the sounds I recognized as being used in moody film soundtracks. Next, Mark turned his attention to Musical Handle Bars - which were yes, the aluminum tube handle bars from a ten-speed bike, used as an exotic sounding flute. Instant ambient, transportive atmosphere. His easy manner conjures the spirit of Bob Ross and you'll wind up learning without even realizing, while being wonderfully entertained the whole time. His extensive website can better explain everything in much greater detail. Definitely worth checking out and tuning in.


Recent video gives a glimpse but best is to tune in live and follow to get channel schedule updates. You can also follow Mark on Facebook.

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