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Lord Grym's netherworlds of Metal

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Lord Grym streams live from various netherworld dimensions where mortals fear to tread without a warm latte. His channel is fully fleshed out, which is more than can be said of Grym's skeletal form. He plays in front of scenic backdrops of hell and environs, from whence epic Metal Guitar Solos flow like scorching lava. It's epic in every way imaginable and pretty incredible. Mere mortals assemble in the chat to sacrifice their souls for a few hours and pay tribute in the form of bit donations and subscriptions. It's a lot of fun and Grym ensures that humans and demons alike have a great time hanging out. When you are in the mood for blistering live Metal guitar, meet up online with your friends and gather before this guitar deity to worship and proclaim your worthiness to DEATH HIMSELF.


Recent Videos provide solid examples of what to expect when Lord Grym streams on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday. Tune in live & follow to get updates from the channel schedule.

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