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Music looper, improviser & streamer Libbaloops might just be a cyborg

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Libbaloops jumps right in with loops and improvised lyrics based on chat comments and phrases. From there, silliness moves the stream along into territories unknown. Spontaneous video game music can erupt at any moment, as can unexpected karaoke.

'Loopy Doopy' careening fun starts with loosely based themes or topics and moves along with random conversation from the Chat. From there, hijinks, chortles and heartfelt guffaws suddenly make the world a better place. Libbaloops musical theatre family made livestreaming a natural choice. After earning a degree in the field, she found work in non-profits and in museum education where she portrays historic characters. Her queer identity is very important to her.

Previously recorded streaming videos showcase what to expect but best is to follow the channel and tune-in for the next interactive live show. Come be a part of the show.


Libbaloops currently streams live on Thursday, Saturday and some Sundays, but please refer to the Schedule and follow to get email notifications and updates.

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