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Kathleen Elle building livestream followers from her gig experience

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Singer at an outdoor bistro

Kathleen Elle's livestream represents how a gigging musician can move into Music Livestreaming now that playing live is not an option. Based on established performing skills, her path steadily builds an audience of new followers. She had been playing bars and bistros around New Jersey and New York for the last five years with a growing regional fanbase. During that time, Kathleen crafted a repertoire of cover songs and originals that entertain. Along with the music, she honed her ability to read an audience. As a live performer, she knows when it is time to energize the crowd with a rocker or slow things down. And even though livestreaming is a different medium that takes time to understand, she deftly adapts those transferable skills. Originally starting on other social media platforms, she recently branched out into Twitch Music. I was fortunate enough to catch one of her early streams in mid-October and tuned in weekly because of her setlist, her warm voice and friendly engagement with viewers in the Chat. It turned out I was not alone in recognizing her talent and that's reflected in her growing viewership over the last month. Her weekly stream gained new viewers and followers every week.

Twitch Music Live Stream Statistics
Over one month of weekly shows, her viewers have steadily increased

Kathleen's posted and predictable schedule ensures viewers know when to return and new followers are gained every week. Word of mouth gets around on social media. Audiences come back and stay engaged with her and other viewers.

Twitch Music Follower Data
More followers stay longer, hangout and watch longer

Musicians thinking about livestreaming can tune in to witness how a stream can evolve over time. Kathleen took her local venue gig and learned the livestream language. She can still read an audience but that now takes the form of following comments in the Chat. She responds to comments in between songs similar to how she would've talked to audience members at a show. In turn, her viewers have rewarded her by subscribing and making in-stream donations. They can also follow her on social media and listen to her music online.


Recent videos give a solid example but tune in live to really get it. Kathleen streams Monday & Thursday but check the schedule and follow the channel for updates.

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