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The audience chat controls Julián Principe's electronics

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Julian Principe offers a truly fun & fascinating, fully interactive & immersive Livestream music experience. Followers & Viewers participate by adding commands in the chat that change how the modular synthesizer gear responds.

This can be as simple as typing “F2” and hearing the synthesizer arpeggiator change pitch. Or as subtle as typing in “Delay 72” and hearing the echo fully engulf the electronic sound.

Added to this seemingly straightforward interaction is the wonderfully careening bliss when two viewers submit different commands at the same time. The software coding accommodates both changes happening with enough of a buffer so that each can be heard.

It is easy to lose oneself in ambient zen moments of swirling sound and feeling connected to the other channel viewers.


Julian currently streams randomly and I just happened to drop by on a Tuesday. Recommended is to go this his channel, follow, and get email notification when he next goes live.

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