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Judah Kelly's easy charm, stinging guitar and soulful voice

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Judah Kelly streams live from Australia, where he won season six of The Voice Australia in 2017. His singing and guitar playing sit in that pocket between Soulful R&B and Country but that’s only the merest suggestion of his abilities and background.

There are distant echos of Otis Redding and early Motown, but his recordings are thoroughly contemporary with production referencing modern Rock, Soul, and Pop genres.

Previously recorded streaming videos showcase his easy charm, his stinging guitar work and moving vocal performances but best is to catch the next Livestream his band plays and judge for yourself. The setting is a venue in Brisbane and his bandmates are every bit as talented.


Judah Kelly currently streams live on Saturday or Sunday, but please refer to his Schedule, follow his channel to get an email notification for when he next goes live from Australia.

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