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Introspekshun welcomes everyone to help build a calm, safe space

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Introspekshun streams live from Toronto and openly promotes mental health and well being. In her own words, "I'm passionate about mental health and other psychological/neurological topics. My streams are a place where we can talk openly without judgement (though I legally can't provide medical/health advice). I've struggled with aspects of my own mental health, which held me back from singing and expressing myself musically for a number of years. I believe that music is one of the most pure forms of self expression and being in touch with your own emotions." After starting her stream in October, 2020, she's been gaining a growing following of viewers that make up a warm and inclusive community. You are welcome to join Introsekshun's journey through music and stop by the chat to say hello. Her song list features more recent material but reaches back for familiar tunes you'll find yourself requesting and singing along to.


Recent Videos provide an example of her Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday streams, but tune in live and follow for updates to the channel schedule.

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