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Meditative tranquil bliss from Captain Melody on the Gubal hand drum

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Captain Melody plays the Gubal handpan drum, which combines melodic & percussive elements into an exotic and intoxicating instrument. His tranquil & meditative playing serves as soundtrack to your writing or studying or simply calms whatever tension you’ve been carrying around all day.

Interactive Chat commands allow viewers to change the greenscreen background from sailing ship to jungle or lakeside dock. All are equally serene and evocative of far-off destinations where your worries cannot find you. Captain Melody’s interaction with viewers is sparse but comforting.

His original recordings can also be found on Soundcloud where a sprinkling of overdubs have been added to broaden the compositions.

Previously recorded streaming videos showcase what you can expect but best is to follow the channel and tune in for the next interactive live show.


Captain Melody currently streams live on Wednesday & Sunday, but please refer to the Schedule and follow to get email notifications and updates.

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