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Rainbows of harmony & meaning as Butterscotch defies genre & social constructs

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Butterscotch builds lush vocal harmonies over sparse looping beats, allowing songs to head off into surprising detours of imagination & emotion.

She starts with a simple groove and with lyric suggestions from the Chat. Songs build from as simple a suggestion as 'Serenity' and a rainbow of harmonies and meanings washes over everyone watching.

An innovative beatbox pioneer, she blends diverse genres into a fluid new sound best experienced live on her channel. Sitting in on a Butterscotch outpouring is a real treat and gives a glimpse behind the creative curtain.

Previously recorded streaming videos showcase what you can expect but better is to follow the channel and tune in for the next interactive live show. You can also buy & download music directly from her Bandcamp page.


Butterscotch currently streams live on Thursday night & Friday, but please refer to the channel Schedule and follow to get email notifications and updates.

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