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Wonderfully immersive with The Graceful Bard

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

To experience how warm and wonderfully immersive a live Twitch Music Livestream can be, you might want to start by joining The Graceful Bard during one of her Tuesday or Friday streams. Bard improvises music live and includes her viewers in the process. She might steer her song into moments inspired by chat or even a viewer’s handle. I happened to start watching her channel for the first time and after hitting the channel follow icon, I was greeted with my own customized Stream Pilots theme song created on the spot by Bard. Hard not to become instantly connected to an artist when provided with such a welcoming experience. Twitch Music is full of such moments happening then and there only, never to be repeated. As is true for most live music experience anywhere, you really have to be there. Bard creates “ambient/electronic/cinematic music with ethereal female vocals,” that could easily play behind an epic film sequence or a game. It’s no secret that some of her influences are film scores, electronic music, and world music but there are myriad elements making up her music improv. Decide for yourself when you drop by. Her ethereal music can also be heard and purchased on Bandcamp.


The Graceful Bard streams Tuesday, Friday and Sunday but please check her Channel Schedule for updates and to coordinate your time zone.

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