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Sambango Batucada drum ensemble

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Sambango Drumming Group

Sambango Batucada are drumming street performers based in Valencia, Spain. Watching their channel feels like walking around a city when traveling and stumbling into unexpected serendipity as you round a corner. Since the pandemic began this drumming youth group has been rehearsing outdoors. For a loud drum group, this means rehearsing in areas away from homes & residences, often at the side of noisy streets. This doesn't dampen their spirit one bit, and what reaches out from thousands of miles away is immediate energy and emotion.

Sambango Street Drummers

It's fun to hear Sambango Batucada warming up and falling into sync, the individual drummers getting limber and the ensemble locking in together. Their rhythms are complex and persuasive. They tell a story through syncopated beats and pulses which I find conducive to my own writing.


Recent videos give an idea of their stream but you can tune-in on Wednesdays & Thursdays or check their Schedule and follow their channel for notifications. Sambango Batucada is a youth oriented drumming school which you can learn more about here.

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