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Melissa Lamm's rewarding journey on Twitch Music

Melissa Lamm is an emerging singer-songwriter streaming live from Toronto that continues to gain followers with her calm & cozy music channel. Melissa found she is able to promote her original music and also fund new recordings through her channel on Twitch Music. And in two recent podcasts (one for Abbate and one for Canadian Musician), plus one blog post, she reveals how this steady path has worked for her. She found Twitch provides a great way for musicians to hone their talents in front of a receptive audience. In turn, followers are happy to be directly involved in the journey of an artist they have made a connection with. Melissa's livestream is all about feeling at ease and as welcome as you would down at your local bistro listening to live music. Her expressive singing immediately connects with viewers, and followers drop by to hang out, make song requests and catch up with other friends in the Chat.


Recent videos give an example of the channel and you can follow for the Schedule and updates. You can also follow Melissa on Twitter and Instagram or check out more of her original music on Spotify.

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