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With much love and all the feels, follow Livi In The Middle on their journey

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Music Streaming band Livi In the Middle

Livi In The Middle is an entertaining three-piece cover band based in West Sussex and streaming globally. The band plays “a mixture of old classics and current chart hits ...and stream on Twitch four times a week, where we give our viewers control over what songs we play.” The band’s main goal is to “entertain viewers by allowing them to take control of our live playlist. Viewers can request tracks from our song list using the 'Request Form' and this will automatically add their chosen song to the playlist”. Their repertoire ranges from Ed Sheeran & Adele to older classics like Otis Redding & Jackson 5, but they add a new cover song to their list every Monday. Livi in The Middle’s music Livestream audio sounds smashing all around. Their strong performances create a casual pub-night for those looking to find out what the Twitch Music experience is all about. Their great looking multi-camera setup underpins a solid set of songs delivered with much love and all the feels.

The many hours of hard work put into making their live show polished never sacrifices a cozy, loose and intimate vibe that suddenly leads into a powerful music moment catching you totally off-guard. You can find much more about this wonderful band on their website .


Livi In The Middle stream Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but please check their Channel Schedule for updates and syncing to your time zone. The band sometimes performs extra streams on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, schedule permitting. Special thanks and shout-out to 1sttimelurker for the gift subscription!

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