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Sitting in the front row watching Calvin Thomas

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Calvin Thomas is a gifted Singer-Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist with an exquisite voice and chill demeanor lending itself to dropping by and spending time immersing yourself into his sublime songs.

Streaming as an artist is about letting your persona shine through and his welcoming warmth immediately embraces you like a dear old friend. Check out a few of his previous shows but it's best to simply drop by when Calvin is Livestreaming and become part of the lively chat community.

During his Livestream he will also play some cool versions of familiar cover songs. On a few occasions he will be part of a fun Livestream Duet. He normally has an average of 99 viewers that can peak up to around 320 viewers but his intimacy never wavers and you always feel you are sitting at a front row table at a neighborhood venue. Calvin writes wonderful original songs that you can also listen to on his website.


Calvin streams Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday but confirm at his Channel Schedule for updates and coordinating with your time zone.

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