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The continuously growing cycle of happiness with Aaron Goldberg

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Music Streamer Aaron Goldberg

Aaron Goldberg makes "original music live in front of you through your computer screen" and is a multi-instrumental musician able to conjure songs out of the nothing, laying down a groove from which sounds careen off into wonder. Aaron is also among a handful of Livestream musicians crafting improvised music works out of thin air that often picks up on something said in the viewer chat. Perhaps a comment turns into a song title or lyric. Perhaps something was mentioned that resonates emotionally at that moment. As a viewer, you are always engaged in the music improv as well as the easy banter. And then suddenly you are transported into a wonderful, transcendental moment defying all explanation. The beauty and power of his music simply carries everyone away for divine breathless moments. Here is video capture from a recent live stream. Once over, that song is done, finished, and never will be heard again. Everyone moves on, giddy in the afterglow. If you are curious about more of Aaron's music you can also listen and purchase over at his Bandcamp page.


Aaron Goldberg streams Thursday night, Tuesday morning & afternoon, and early Monday morning but please check his Channel Schedule for updates and syncing to your time zone.

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